Qualified Paramedics

Paramedics are on the frontline of medical services and are often first on the scene of an accident or emergency. Global Talent Bank recognises that a paramedic’s role requires a calm, versatile, quick-thinking and insightful individual, simply because the work they carry out can be so different depending on the situation.

To guarantee our clients receive a talented paramedic, we ensure the correct amount of training has been completed and enough experience has been gained.

We understand that the ability to treat a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest one minute, and then someone who has been involved in a car accident the next, makes paramedics a vital component for the emergency response team. Passing training for several emergency scenarios is absolutely essential for paramedics. With Global Talent Bank you can be assured that all of our in-country and overseas paramedics are HCPC registered, appropriately experienced and possess the right attitude for the occupational demands that face them.

As a medical recruitment specialist we remain aware of industry change and align ourselves accordingly to meet these evolvements. Modern day paramedics are now responsible for not only providing emergency treatment, and transporting patients, but also assessing and diagnosing possible illnesses and injuries prior to their arrival at hospital.


These additional factors to the profession is something that Global Talent Bank are keen to highlight and adhere to. We have a guarantee to all of our clients that legislative and industry guidelines are met, and that any other preferred requirements are matched.