Nursing for Adults


We can promise our clients that every professional nurse registered with Global Talent Bank has been fully assessed prior to any placements being made. Nurses with the ability and passion to care for adults must be adequately experienced, have the appropriate qualifications and maintain the right attitude in order to be considered for any adult nursing roles.


Our meticulous screening process as well as extra efforts taken to get to know our candidates - by delving deeper into their history, personality and aspirations, means that our clients are guaranteed to receive an accomplished and confident nurse who can work safely in the intended care and medical settings they apply for. These settings can be anything from acute, elderly and general nursing through to community or district nurses.


The Global Talent Bank have accrued the interest of some fantastic overseas nurses, many of them specialise in caring for the elderly, ill or recovering. Being able to draw upon a talent bank like ours will serve a real advantage if you are experiencing a shortfall in adult nursing staff. Whether specialised in a certain discipline or needed for general nursing expertise, Global Talent Bank have all the hallmarks of a dependable partner, who can source skilled nurses and meet any demanding recruitment needs.

Nursing for Children


We understand that nursing children comes with different emotional challenges compared to roles focused on caring for adults. Not only do we spend time initiating all the relevant checks to ensure the safeguarding of children, but we also feel that the manner, character and personality of an individual, as well as gauging how they may interact with children, must also be considered.


Today's children are tomorrows future, and as a global talent resource that specialises in finding children's nurses, we feel duty bound to only provide the most talented professionals who can make a real difference to a child's life. Whether it's general nursing support or your division requires a specialist children's nurse with a particular skill-set, you can count on Global Talent Bank to deliver an effective solution which suitably meets your needs.


All of our children’s nurses have a specialist expertise in one, two or several different areas. Typical specialisms can include occupations in community or school nursing, as well as experience working inside neo natal environments. Global Talent Bank also has access to talented paediatricians and qualified health visitors who provide home to home support. Whatever our client is seeking, we are entirely confident that we can deliver the exact expertise needed, all the while guaranteeing children are safeguarded and being nursed by qualified professionals.  

Nursing for Mental Health


Rigorous yet essential screening, including collating evidence of relevant training and qualifications, as well as obtaining water-tight employment references, guarantees we are safeguarding any vulnerable individuals. We have an obligation to carry out important safety checks to prove eligibility and to demonstrate our strict adherence to legislative guidelines. Abiding by industry legislation as well as having our very own high standards ensures that our clients receive registered and competent Mental Health nurses.


Nurses that specialise in Mental Health need to have relevant experience working within these settings, understand the disciplines involved and be aware of the difficulties, as well as the rewards it can bring. It's Global Talent Bank's purpose to ensure only the most astute overseas talent is put forward for Mental Health nursing roles. We have a responsibility to source individuals who not only grasp the technical side of nursing people with mental health but also own a willingness to support the development and progression of vulnerable individuals.


Most of our skilled Mental Health professionals either have experience working within a hospital or a community setting. Hospital based occupations can include work within the psychiatric intensive care unit, psychiatric ward or outpatient’s unit, whereas community roles often take place in GP surgeries, prisons, health care centres, residential centres or a patient’s home. Global Talent Bank has the ability to source qualified overseas talent for all types of Mental Health nursing.

Nursing for Learning Difficulties


Much like nursing for Mental Health, nurses who specialise in caring for individuals with learning difficulties need to be of a certain ilk to succeed. This particular expertise shares a focus on the development and social inclusion of the individuals they are nursing for. Global Talent Bank recognises and appreciates some of the demands connected to the role of a learning disability nurse, so with this knowledge we only encourage relationships with patient, resilient and warm-hearted professionals.


All of our nurses that have experience working with adults and children with learning difficulties have been thoroughly screened and assessed before being considered for any vacancies. This process is essential for all parties involved; it allows the potential candidate to showcase their credentials and prove their right to work, it ensures that Global Talent Bank adheres to legislative regulations and in turn, it guarantees the client’s patients will be safe and accompanied with a competent nurse.   


There’s a diverse range of settings where support is given to those with learning disabilities. This type of nursing can span across all ages and commonly involves working within hospital wards (epilepsy and palliative care), mental health trusts, adult education, residential and community centres, workplaces, schools and even inside a patient’s home. Global Talent Bank owns a diligence and shares a duty of care to only provide quality overseas nurses who have the correct experience, qualifications and skillsets to perform in these specific areas.