Medical Practitioners

Sourcing professional medical practitioners comes with great responsibility. It’s for this reason that at Global Talent Bank we adhere to all the relevant industry and government legislation, as well as considering our very own experience-led standards, to ensure every global professional we recommend is capable, qualified and experienced enough to carry out work in their chosen profession. 

Global Talent Bank focus on delivering recruitment solutions for any known staffing shortfalls, as well as specialisms that require a particular calibre of candidate for medical practitioner posts.

Our talent bank of in-country and overseas medical practitioners include access to both experienced consultants as well as professionals who are better equipped for non-consultant positions. Professional consultants have a commanding role to play, Global Talent Bank only select individuals with inspirational leadership skills who provide an excellent service to their employers, and the patients they treat.


Global Talent Bank has an obligation to adhere all the legislative regulations connected to the employment of medical practitioners and consultants. We attract overseas professionals that have expertise in specialised positions as well as roles with occupational shortages.

We understand that medical settings require a cohesive team and the non-consultants that we typically engage with are qualified hospital doctors with experience of working under the supervision of a specialist consultant. This means that as well as meeting guidelines, Global Talent Bank endorses professionals who are willing to learn new disciplines under the guidance of others and continue to add to the specialised talent bank that we create in partnership with our clients.


We acknowledge that current shortfalls within clinical radiology, emergency medicine, old age psychiatry and paediatrics. However, because of our global reach and the ability to source medical professionals with niche specialisms, we are also able to assist in filling other occupational shortfalls.


Many of the non-consultant in-country and overseas professionals that we work with are determined to complete specialist registrar training and compete at consultant level. Discovering emerging talent at senior levels excites us, and it positions Global Talent Bank at the high end of recruitment solutions; working with you on fast-track development programmes.