Health Professionals

Our in-country and overseas health professionals cater for various medical divisions, these typically include neurophysiology, nuclear medicine, prosthetics and orthotics services.


Global Talent Bank acknowledges that within these specialised areas sits some of the most innovative medical practises and cutting-edge software, meaning the ownership of all relevant qualifications and training is absolutely essential for the candidates we put forward.

Neurologists, Prothetists & Orthotists

Whether it’s a neurophysiologist specialising in neurological diseases or a practitioner who monitors, investigates and diagnoses neurological disorders, Global Talent Bank remain wholly committed in continuing the immense work carried out by neuro-centric consultants and scientists.


We understand that having access to highly skilled international neurologists has the potential to evolve existing treatments as well as examine and find revolutionary discoveries that can improve the condition of patients within the UK. The nature of this work and Global Talent Bank’s role of sourcing these professionals, means that we only form partnerships with licensed, trained and qualified specialists.

As well as neuro based professions, we also provide a recruitment service for clients seeking talented prosthetists and orthotists. To ensure that patients with partial or total loss of a limb are receiving the best treatment possible and that orthotic medical clinicians are providing the correct care and support, Global Talent Bank thoroughly assess every candidate to certificate competency and suitability.