Global Talent Bank issue a strong commitment to clients and candidates they work with. Providing a service that exceeds expectations is what we do, and we do it well. Going the extra mile to ensure both parties are happy helps to promote a healthier and more harmonious partnership between employer and employee. We also remain well aware of any existing or pending occupational shortfalls, so we can tailor our service effectively and find solutions that truly fulfil the needs of our customers.


With Global Talent Bank you will receive a recruitment specialist who truly values their customer’s needs, takes time to learn aspirations and understand objectives, as well as being a group that works strenuously hard to guarantee relevant legislative guidelines are adhered to at all times. When we started our business we wanted to set high industry standards and we feel a duty to continue this quality whatever is asked of us. Be it a small, large or specialist recruitment demand, you can count on Global Talent Bank to find a solution.

As a specialist recruitment agency for the medical sectors it is imperative that we stay firmly in-line with industry guidelines and adhere to all relevant legislation. This essential obligation means that Global Talent Bank initiates a thorough assessment on each candidate, ensuring they have passed all relevant training and own all the correct qualifications to validate their position as a medical professional.


Every role is different, so an understanding of what guidelines or qualifications are needed is important. Depending on the area of work, this can be anything from HPC registration to the completion of DBS and CRB police checks. For all three parties (client, candidate and recruiter) it is absolutely fundamental that we abide by industry, governmental and role specific guidelines.

Screening & Qualifying Candidates

The Way We Source, Nurture & Develop Our Staff


Not only do Global Talent Bank adhere to legislative necessities but our company’s ethos is very much focused on the well-being and development of our professional candidates. No matter how confident a candidate maybe in delivering quality medical care, we recognise that relocating to the UK is a brave move and can naturally bring with it uncertainty. To accommodate their skills, as well as their move, Global Talent Bank prepares a relocation package that advocates domestic integration, guarantees quality accommodation and encourages a nurturing process for hospitality benefits. We also cover the setting up of bank accounts and assistance with NI applications.


Every single in-country and overseas professional that we work with has been met in person. This not only allows us to further gauge character and suitability but it also supports our people-centric service and reinforces our ethical approach. We know that the way we treat our professionals will have a knock-on effect on the service they provide, so to maximise their performance we feel it’s important to assist their talents with exemplary hospitality. Every professional deployed through Global Talent Bank will be motivated, eager to impress and ready for transfer to our clients.

Matching Talent With Client Demands

Global Talent Bank make it a priority to remain aware of occupational shortfalls and other niche specialisms that require acute attention. Having said this, we also stay approachable for any other demands that our clients may want. To listen, understand and deliver a solution that fulfils a client’s objective is our primary goal. And as well as meeting essential guidelines and matching skill-sets, we also consider the personality of an individual to increase the chance of a perfect fit.


Flexibility is another key component to our recruitment service. Whether you are looking to employ permanent, temporary to permanent or bank staff, Global Talent Bank caters for all scenarios and contract types. We have an open door policy and can adapt to any new recruitment demands our clients may need help with. Although we promise a quick-turnaround of international talent, we hope to build fruitful and long-lasting client partnerships that can leave a real legacy on the medical service our clients provide.

A Commitment To Quality & Alignment To Industry Needs

Global Talent Bank recognises that the medical industry, and the legislative framework that sits within it, is forever changing according to new regulations and requirements. So for this reason we remain well-prepared for all forthcoming migration control changes as well as triggering advanced preparation for any other evolving practises on the horizon. Working together with our clients, as well as using our very own experience-led intuition, we will be able to meet any fresh industry and government demands, or any pending legislative guidelines, which as a specialist medical recruitment agency - may require our attention or even intervention.


Whatever direction is taken and however the medical landscape reshapes, one thing remains for certain, Global Talent Bank’s ongoing commitment to quality. We take great pride in knowing that the people we put forward will go on to have a direct positive impact on the hundreds of lives they treat. Whether it’s at junior or senior level, the professionals we work with all have one thing in common, they care about what they do and want nothing more than to contribute to and improve UK medical services. Being part of this process is a responsibility that Global Talent Bank wears with pride.